How Companies Succeed, Ask This Man!

DNS Associates, the brain child of Sumit Agarwal, has provided a strong foothold to hundreds of companies – big and small – to run their own business successfully and grow exponentially by both its sheer acumen and experience. It’s no ordinary feat.


Eleven years into business with a large clientele of over 1,500 (that is more than 125 clientele adding every year) and offices spread across Harrow, Watford, Bromley, Maidstone, Hull, Reading, Slough, Wigan and Euston (London) DNS Associates is a name to reckon with. It is without doubt an outstanding feat that only few can achieve in this fierce and intense business often involving ruthless measures. It’s a success story that needs to be told as it defied conventional logic, and it’s this very approach that has put them among the Top 200 Accountants in the UK (

In 2005 surly winter Sumit Agarwal, a young chartered accountant well into his mid-20s, was struggling to change the course of his life. It was a decision that gave birth to DNS Associates which stood the test of time in managing hundreds of companies of all hues – big and small – to run their own business successfully. His heart was obviously not merely in auditing companies, but somehow his interest shifted to setting up his own company. It was as if he was anticipating a call for all these years.

His unique and proven approach in tackling even the most complex financial situations any business can face has helped him to create and develop his accountancy firm into one of the UK’s most forward-thinking firms with spotless reputation. Ankit Saraf of the KPMG Partnership, who availed the DNS Associates, has this to say: “Sumit holds a unique set of leadership skills. Working with him has always been a pleasant experience as he takes ownership and accountability of the project, leaving me with 100 percent peace of mind and assurance.”

He went to add, “DNS Associates team quickly identify significant issues and risks and recommend the appropriate way forward. Sumit is completely professional and patient when dealing with technical topics, such as a complex tax scheme about which I had no understanding, so he made extra efforts to ensure I understood what all the important steps in the project were. The DNS team holds a very good set of values, which takes into account the importance of building a long-term relationship, rather than seeking short-term benefit. Sumit is clear in his logic and committed. There has never been a stance where he changed his mind later.”

Today, the organisation is looking to grow via acquisitions and organic growth. In the course of growth the DNS Associates weathered challenges and storms than most companies. But what made them survive is the willingness to be transparent as every day presents a new challenge and a new opportunity.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Sumit’s DNS Associates has helped hundreds of owner-managed businesses to prosper and help them to financially manage the challenges of growth. Thirteen years ago Sumit was a young accountant working for companies as an auditor in India for some big names and realized that audit is not what fascinates but helping businesses to grow and thrive.

He came to UK in the beginning of 2003 to study CIMA which he thought would bring him more near to business. He got qualified in CIMA in 2004. Yet the turning point in Sumit’s career came about two years later, when he realized that auditing does not hold his interest anymore. It was then he decided to set up his own company. That company, in fact, initially started in his bedroom. Today, DNS Associates comprise a team of over 30 members, and it is a thriving business.

Not content with just providing sound financial advice and tax saving expertise to his clients, he is part of a revolution taking place in the accountancy world where ‘super accountants’ are offering clients free access to one of the world’s most successful business growth and marketing programmes. He is passionate about helping small business to grow and will continue in his pursuit.

DNS specializes in accounting, tax advise tax investigation, tax planning and accounting services. All partners and senior staff members of the team are qualified professionals or members of professional accounting bodies such as CIMA, ACCA or hold university degrees from well-accredited universities.

Over the years DNS has been providing a professional, proactive service geared towards the needs of its clientele. It is this dedication that made them the winner of the British Accountancy Awards 2013 and were finalist for Best Contractor Accountant Awards 2013.

Why Chose DNS?

  •  Award Winning Accountancy Firm
  •  IPSE accredited
  •  Free Online Accounting Software
  •  Regulate and Manage Accounts
  •  Weekend Support
  •  Guarantee to save your tax
  •  Fast Response



  •  Form a company or if you have already setup a company then provide
    company details
  •  Open a Bank Account for a new Limited Company
  •  Online Contract and paperwork setup with DNS
  •  DNS complete Inland Revenue setup including PAYE, NIC, VAT and
    Corporation Tax Registration
  • Account Manager to do online portal Training (Finac)



  • DNS sends you monthly payroll and accounts. These reports tell you how
    much to pay as wages, expenses and profit every month.
  • Submits Quarterly VAT returns & advice how much to pay VAT
  • Helps in year end accounts, annual return and corporation tax return
  • Will advice and support you an ongoing basis.

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